Rescon 2022


We have an action packed weekend of training and networking activities planned for you.

On the Saturday we are planning some full day off site events covering specific topics.

Sunday will be based at the Rotary Centre.

The details of the programme are being developed and we will update this site as the topics and plans develop.


  • Buffet
  • Social
  • Talks


  • Full day practical workshops off-site
  • Short on-site workshops
  • Evening bar and entertainments
  • Hog roast


  • Short on-site sessions
  • Closing addresses
  • Lunch
  • BCRC meeting if required

Planned Sessions

Day sessions:

  • Diving – Chris Jewell is organising a cave rescue diving training session. Rob Middleton is the DCRO local liaison. Venue TBC.
  • Engineering – Allan Berry, Jim Davies & Nigel Cooper will be running series of engineering sessions at a local quarry. Allan Berry is the local liaison. Topics hoped to include: stream damming, capping, explosives and the use of hydraulics. The venue is Eldon Quarry, 3 miles from the Rotary Centre.
  • Technical Rigging – Christian Jennings & Gethin Thomas. A split day looking both at the use of the Rock Exotica multipod, and the rigging of tyroleans. Ann Soulsby & Roy Rogers are the local liaisons. The venue is Eldon Hole, 5 miles from the Rotary Centre.

Short workshops / forums / sessions:

  • Cave rescue training session – A session aimed as being a forum for training officers and those involved in delivering training to discuss what we do as teams. What’s worked well, what potentially hasn’t, SOPs, training documents, joint training with other teams, and anything else relevant. Online training cooperation between teams will also be discussed.
  •  Casualty movement through crawls, slots and fissures, methods of assistance – Lyon Work and Rescue (Paul Witheridge) will be delivering a shorter practice session at the centre.
  •  Spatial Data for Incident Response – Cave Rescue teams have a unique use case regarding spatial data, specifically the need to rapidly share and navigate to often predetermined and precise incident locations. This provides the opportunity to accurately record these locations and make them readily accessible in advance of incidents occurring, allowing incident controllers access to detailed location information ready for rapid and error-free sharing with team members and other emergency services. This session will describe the methodology used by NWCRO to populate their location records and automatically add accurate spatial conversions and metadata, ready for serving in a variety of useful formats within online maps, GIS software or on handheld devices.
  •  Medical – Casualty bags and hypothermia. More details to follow.
  •  Communications – Nicola 4 developments, Zello, DMR. A session covering updates on communication tools above and below ground. More details to follow.
  • Crime Scene Awareness – The aim of this short presentation is to give volunteer rescuers an overview of the primary considerations when dealing with a potential Crime Scene (including any fatalities). Delivered by Piers Hallihan of the South Wales Police and SMWCRT.


More sessions to come when final details are confirmed.